NaPoWriMo - 2019 #13 - New challenges for modern policing

New challenges for modern policing

The crime scene tape and I am abuzz...
Jane Prendergast from from pills and Vice
had pills from a raid from Vice and she had pills
of which these pills the lab could not quite place,
so we all took one in a spirit of enquiry.

This guy is dead.  Live men have heads.  This guy
does not.  Has anybody bagged a head?  Woo dizzy
but the floor that looms its carpet, quite a pile
on it a pile of cash here by the bed... Is someone
bagging it?  And here I am on knees looking

beneath the bed.  Ah, here he is.  Funny how
I knew he would be bald...  and tall,
although I-- is that his other half and pills
having hysterics in the kitchen/diner?  Where
Prane Jendergast (from Vice) has found more pills.

Well, in for a penny in for a pound and now
my Airwave booming, suspicion blooms
I cannot after all quite know, that Rob from dispatch
is still the man I know.  I know, I'll ask the radio
about the inflatable bear.  It was there.  Yes.  Bob!

Bob!  The bear!  It should have had a hat.
The bear pills hat Bob!  The pills, the pills, the bear!
Oh, he's gone now...  I know!
Arrest anybody
who still
the pills

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