NaPoWriMo - 2019 #22 - The big sleepers

The big sleepers

sensation returning the chiaroscuro moment
everything shadow the secret room
no lights on no humans present
until now the suspension chamber popping
possibly not even now there are
no fates except for those received
on the vacuum tube radio
which is dark
but two of us survive

everything smells like dust
empty empty empty
the radio reluctant
and only after soldering
the city beyond the dust cake window
is not the one we knew

the radio is warming slowly you go
walk our perimeter tradecraft
I rotate the dial
hemi-human patience
rotating the dial
no stations yet
you have not come back
no stations
maybe we overslept
no stations
no stations


  1. I like this, feels grainy and subdued .. like you're not quite tuned to the frequency, there's interfere in the signal .. and the post-apocalyptic emptiness pervades. Very nice!