NaPoWriMo - 2019 #7 - Everything


"What do you deserve? Name it. All of it.
What are you ready to let go of?"

—From today's "official" NaPoWriMo prompt.

Science Fiction brought me up wrong, taught
the long view — by which I mean a million years —
and only then to zoom back in,
through eighteen successive approximations
upon tomorrow's afternoon
where no-one knows if it will rain:
why do you ask?  And Speculative Fiction

urges me to walk away from your nonsense
politics, the everyday of a world that's not just gone insane
— Philip K Dick could handle that — but revels in its mad.
Similarly, it's not that you are bad.  That I could understand,
if it was done with flare, but by my analysis
there's nothing there.  No plan, no intelligence
(human or otherwise) there's just stupid

doing stupid things.  And always the critique
is SciFi is for geeks and in some sense not real
and I will not conceal my disdain
for you who do not get it
have never got it
have not a getting-it to reach
but I will always teach that futurism

is the philosophy to own
if you want to have a future
in a Universe that cannot see
your trending issues, and actually
is unaware of almost anything
you hold important.  It comes to this
— as Space Opera already knows —

that there are two futures for the Cosmos.
One, in which there are minds,
in which the churn of brute matter climbs
the imaginary ladder towards deification,
and subtle mechanisms and parks and games
spread and bloom between the stars; and one other future,
the one that's desert and deserted

with nothing but rocks
moving in curves.

So — to come a last full circle,
to arrive where we started and know the place
etc etc — to answer your original question.
Science fiction raised me wrong: to believe
that what I deserve is everything,
that suzerainty over creation
is the destiny of thinking minds

and I use an ungendered word
because I will give up everything,
should the chance come...
I will reach out with one hand —
metaphorically speaking, because bodies, I imagine,
are among the first to go —
I will reach out with mechanisms then,

with information and forces and atoms and energies,
and I will take what's owed.


Note: this is my second poem entitled "everything", it's not like the other one...

...but then it is a big topic to cover.

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