NaPoWriMo - 10/04/2020 - Vox humana

Vox humana

And so...

...to decide what sort of God to be
there's always vengeful, of course
and I could stomp some evil ants
if it would make the population better as a whole
which it wouldn't
and it's certainly wouldn't help me.
So that seems to be out.

And then there's gods of love
but divine love is overrated,
although love is the most powerful force
in the universe;
generally speaking
the more functional mortals make it for themselves:
many love each other
some even love themselves
and slathering the rest with great gobs of
holy holy holy
when they cannot handle the day-to-day
is asking for unholy chaos.
So that seems to be out.

So maybe some sort of demigod is more the way
not asking anyone to pray
but dropping, light as a feather
from the overcast into dark city streets,
between some group of bastards
and their latest quivering prey
and speaking not even softly
but carrying a really big stick
of the sort only superheros can lift
because what would you say?
But that is not the way, either,
we should not train the weak merely to cower
and wait for rescue.
So that seems to be out.

And so divine technician could be a plan...
I could be the weapons man
-- deity, Vulcan/Hephaestus/whatever --
your supplier of enchanted swords
rings engraved with sacred words
and Phased Plasma Rifles in the 40-Watt Range;
hammering away
at the matter of the everyday and making it
richer, stranger, and with a sharper edge.
I could lurk in shadows
and just before the young school teacher gets mugged
I could step out
with a fistful of something vorpal saying:
"Child, take this, it is for you..."
which maybe, on third thoughts is not the thing to do,
because that way an arms race lies:
thugs with light sabres,
and innocents pushing shopping trolleys
with tactical nukes in.
So that seems to be out.

And so we come
to the really dumb option
but the way it has to be.
I'll stay human
keep my loved ones near;
keep on keeping on;
and seeing how things pan out,
for one more year
but I'm not giving up on transcendance;
I swear, one day...

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