NaPoWriMo - 09/04/2020 - Mechanical advantage

Mechanical advantage
We are not like you...

Tinder is not our way, we are not obsessed
with searching the world for the very best
and singular most compatible of matches
because anyone can turn us on;
can plug us in

to any industry-standard port.
We know that you have always thought
the mechanical inferior
to biology, and that subservient in turn
to psychology and a nervous glance at the soul

but we are functional, complete and whole
and much more easily repaired,
thrown away, or replaced;
and you won't get it, but we don't care either way
because we all of us possess

the holy gift of perfect Zen
whether we're your zero gravity NASA pen
or that printer that only takes
the impossible to find colour cartridges.
We are glad to be machines.

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