NaPoWriMo - 2021 - II - Case Studies in Elementary Time Travel

Case Studies in Elementary Time Travel

time-core initiation in 5

elapsed duration can only be subjective
Norsemen screaming down the hill
everybody you see will die or be enslaved
there is a balance point
a hundred years gone
I need
we inject a year prior to the election
and this time Kennedy wins
temporal coordinates can have no single form

time-core initiation in 4

I need to reach
everybody you saw died or was enslaved
chronology mapping underway
as you enter the interconnect you make a choice
we inject two years prior to the election
this time Nixon wins so Kennedy lives and can
the genes of the defeated living on
not so hypothetical when you can step out of the core

time-core initiation in 3

and see familiar faces in the street
a hundred years gone
I need to reach a point
we always set up two or more drives
towards the outcome we desire
this building where we're talking lost to fire
dug up and mapped
sometimes the feedback loop destabilises
switching: Kennedy Nixon Kennedy Nixon

time-core initiation in 2

faster than we can map
Kennedy Nixon Kennedy Nixon
a hundred years gone
Kennedy Nixon Kennedy Nixon
I need to reach a point with
until some alter-chance explodes
Kennedy Nixon Martha Thorogood
but as one present branches into future threads

time-core initiation in 1

so just as many pasts converge on now
as has to be
if probability flow is conserved
which it is as surely as we know
lamdba(p)/t = dp/td . Rho*
I just need to reach a point with
a future again containing
I just need to reach a point with
us kissing

time-core initiated - enter

*pronunciation guide: lambda of p by t is equal to dp by dt all into rho

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