NaPoWriMo 2023 - 5 - now and then

now and then

it is an effort
continual, to press himself against the moment
the universe ticking
ineffable clocks
and him, obliged to tick with it
as close as he can
hurrying along behind
the infinite

stream of moments
while his thoughts/glands/heartbeats
strain to keep up

and if we were
a lifeform more stone
than water
a thing which might truly pause
turn itself off and know
with the certainty which humans lack
it will be back

powering up again to dawn
in some discontinuous tomorrow
we are not
he dies
stops processing

security critical updates come out
and he doesn't apply them
new mornings come
fresh moments come downstream
and the mourners leave
to possibly move on

while the dead go into the past

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