NaPoWriMo 2023 - 8 (delayed) - A Fucktonne of Kafka...

A Fucktonne of Kafka...

...is, I think, the official terminology.
Waking up to find arseholes eulogising biology
for being a thing it never was, and installing
gene sequencers on all the toilet doors.

Rising in the early morning to hear the BBC
giving airtime to eugenicists for reasons of balance
and carefully not challenging absurdities
in case that gives offense...

...we used to understand some people should be offended,
because some people were wrong. It's possible
that something actually great is going on. It's possible
the prevalence of asshats on display

is just the way, when actually things are going
in the other--that is the right--direction
and the lamentable ones are only here
because they got depression

at seeing themselves losing everywhere
and, panicking, grabbing the nearest social medium
to have a rant. It's possible this is their last gasp
and the pointless pissant microminds

will melt away. Until then
it's heartily depressing
waking up to sewage from the national broadcaster;
it's waking up to discover

everyone else turned into a cockroach;
it's a fucktonne of Kafka.


With thanks to my friend Emilija for inspiring the title..

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