The Villainess

A villainess, earlier today
A villanelle whose subject was simply inspired by the similarity between the words "villanelle" and "villainess".

Here I'm affectionately mocking the clichés of those genres that like their villainesses clad in skin-tight leather catsuits...

The villanelle is my second favourite poetry form, after the sonnet.  Those two constitute most of the formal poems I write, although when I'm in the mood I will do pantoums.

The Villainess

She always wears her leather suit
when breaking in to steal the jewels.
She's focussed only on the loot.

To hide the fact she's more astute
than all the weak and lustful fools
she postures in her leather suit

and curls her hair to make it cute.
She takes deep breaths to keep her cool,
maintains her focus on the loot

and doubles-back to lose pursuit,
then checks her face, takes certain tools
from pockets in her special suit

and justifies her great repute
for mocking all the normal rules
by swiftly getting to the loot.

She throws the guard a flip salute,
then saunters past. He starts to drool.
She knows he'll see the skin-tight suit,
for years after she's fenced the loot.