NaPoWriMo - 2018 - Day seven - Earth-like planets

Earth-like planets...

...where the hanging moment of morning
finds cloud unbound and the song moves on.
Where she sang that song, the one that rhymes
"heart" with "card" and where...

Here's another one!  Jake looks up from the machine.
it's like the universe is stuffed with the damn things--
and another, this one's pinkish...
 which means
if the Universe is filled with places of this sort,

then life cannot be killed... will always have
another place to go.
  He looks around.  She's gone again.
He feels he is in love, but that it will not work.
He'd like to buy her a drink after work

except she never is about.  Never mind,
he calls, in case she is around.  Meanwhile,
at the other end of the telescope, she spreads
her blanket on the ground, just beyond the pale

pink shadow of the untrees, opens the picnic basket
and sits down...


  1. Nice, Ian! I like the imagery.

  2. Intentional or not, you did it. You did it beautifully.

  3. BTW, I just tried to submit a poem and one of the conditions was that it hadn't been published, even on a blog! I have been so tempted, and yours works so well - but this rule caught me by surprise - actually seems unreasonable.

    1. Thank you SallyMaria,

      Lots of places have that rule, and i can sort of see why since there's not really a clean distinction between "blog" and "online journal". It's easy for me, of course, since I decided to do the blog _instead_...

      You could just ration yourself. One on the blog, one off to a journal, one on the blog...