Person or persons unknown

This is an experimental piece...  I confidently predict you'll either get it or shake your head sadly and walk away.

The inspiration for this was: "This they now do."  Again you'll either recognise the reference or you were born too late, sorry.

Person or persons unknown


The story so far...


Fleeing her parent's tiny lives in Bootle
she meets a confidence man called
which they steal from a warehouse behind
they hot-wire a car and flee.

Years later, her humdrum marriage
by strangely precise anonymous messages
an embarrassing previous life. She panics and
small room above a shop in Manchester.

Brooding over her predicament she flounders
searching everywhere without
in desperation turns to her former
a dangerous last-ditch plan.

This they now do.

Chances upon a derelict
sneaks past the elderly night-watchman
to at length discover me, who she blames for
She demands: Tell me now.  What is my life about?


Clearing my throat, I explain:

Fleeing Bootle you left middle-class parents
where you met an adventurer called
which you acquired from a man in a pub
you borrowed a car and left town.

Years later, with your husband
disturbing anonymous messages
an almost-forgotten previous life. Worried you
a flat above a shop in Manchester.

Some time later you decide
but were unable to find
in desperation you turned to
who hatched a plan.

This you now did.

You were able to find an abandoned
avoided the caretaker
so that you could meet me here
But tell me in your own words, and maybe I can explain.


Eyes wide, she licks her lips and speaks:

I was reluctant to leave Bootle, I missed my Mum and
with a fascinating older man called
which we found in sacks beneath the pier
we bought a car and moved on.

Years later, I was happily
wild and disturbing anonymous messages
my exciting, early life.  I had to investigate and I
an apartment in central Manchester.

After some thought I resolved
but careful investigation did not
until, inspired, I looked-up my old
I conceived a daring plan.

This we now did.

Painstaking research uncovered a late Victorian
past the guards and tricked my way into
to finally confront you.
Now explain!  What is the meaning of my story?


She is ready.  There is no choice.
Gesturing her to an armchair,
I compose my thoughts and prepare to recount...


...the story so far.

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