New Muses, more details...

Possibly I was being a touch too much of a tease in my last post.

What I've done is written a sequence of ten sonnets: nine in the voices of a single Muse, but upgraded for the 21st century; and the tenth from all nine.

Then I found a group of nine like-minded individualsyou may find it disturbing that I can so easily find nine like-minded individualsgot them to perform the individual sonnets, and then mixed the performances together with some narration and a selection of supporting sound effects.

It has been a most inspiring experience.  Hearing such a variety of voices performing my words has shown me things about the poems that I would not have heard had I merely recorded them myself, and the process of editing and adding sound effects to each recording has had me concentrating on phrases, individual words, or sometimes just the space between a pair of words.

It is nearly ready for release now.  I just need to dot some "i"s and double-cross some senior priests...

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