NaPoWriMo - 2021 - IV - Fifty


Fifty shades of electric diamanté
Forty-nine velleities, in Thursday yellow cloud windowscape
Forty-eight multiples of zero, of naught, of nothing to see here, beyond the naked woman
Forty-seven scares of depleted Uranium nerve-agent contrail bliss
Forty-six postcards from Europa, come in, the methane's lovely
Forty-five unique ideas you've somehow heard before
Forty-four of this
Forty-three pages of advanced technological lifestyle enhancement
Forty-two answers, we need more answers
Forty-one disease vector asymptomatic typhoid Mary Christmas
Forty nights in the some other wilderness than this
Thirty-nine degrees of freedom
Thirty-eight degrees of Canadian bacon
Thirty-seven openly prime numbers
Thirty-six sets of thirty-six six-sided dice
Thirty-five brand new ways to stay post-apocalyptically alive
Thirty-four seconds, and counting
Thirty-three revolutions
Thirty-two nice round powers of two, for that one computer in your life
Thirty-one genders, plus or minus one
Thirty something comedy drama
Twenty-nine pots of kalamata olives, with garlic and sage
Twenty-eight years in a state of mind that's not Tibet
Twenty-seven games for one to three players
Twenty-six player pianos, fighting in a basement
Twenty-five gold rings
Twenty-four paths from your door to certain or uncertain doom
Twenty-three shades of tortured innocence
Twenty-two shades of Berger Eggshell Silk
Twenty-one resistance organisations, that don't add up to one opposing force
Twenty days of rain, low cloud obsessive
Nineteen again, if youth isn't pointless now
Eighteen and never been beaten with rubber truncheons, but there's time
Seventeen percent, of people who expressed a preference, said...
Sixteen seconds and counting
Fifteen young men playing a game with oddly shaped balls
Fourteen memories of things that never were and mother's madeleines
Thirteen crows, black cats, ladders and horseshoes
Twelve disciples, one of each and three of some
Eleven ways to be yourself, in simple lessons
Ten voices arguing on the mission control Tannoy
Nine to form a fellowship and ring round everyone they know
Eight exquisite fetishes we cannot quite admit to yet
Seven percent solution and Holmes understanding far too well, when it's
Six seconds and counting
Five for the symbols on your control interface
Four Kelvin and stable for a while
Three musketeers, all for one and one four seven point six oh nine
Two seconds and counting
One and only one and that's not you
Zero... where we've been going all along.

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