Cloud Crowd Found Sound - 1.0 - "Comfrew"

Here is a first take on a piece constructed from contributed nonsense utterances...

It was harder than I thought, not least because no two pieces of the gibberish I was given were in the same language.  Ah!  I hear you quibble (don't quibble, it is unappealing)  but gibberish by definition has no language.  Well that shows how much you know:
  • "Meringuephone" is clearly an English nonsense word.
  • "Svertlo" is clearly not.
I attempted to structure this as a classic pop song, with verses, choruses and a break, and also percussion, and accompaniment.

I didn't do too much clever manipulation of the voices, although I did shift pitch a couple of times to let them harmonise with themselves (intensely so in one small fragment but that didn't fit and is quite far in the background).  I also stretched the duration of the odd word to allow a slight hold at the ends of phrases.

I'm well fired up by this and if people send more I will do more.

Cast in order of appearance:

"KaKa Kaka" - Phoebe Boulton

"Folderton" - Mark Hurdiss

"Comfrew" - Thom Boulton

"Choitaak" - Rosemary Badcoe

"Muldarte" - Michael Acker

"Doolally Meringuephone" - Mike Cooper


  1. This is so cool, Ian! I will definitely send you some phones soon.

    1. Thanks Mary! Unfortunately the site is still not notifying me of comments, hence my late reply...