Cloud Crowd Found Sound - 2.0 - "Woy Oy Oy"

Another stab (with a blunt instrument) at one of these.

This time it took me longer to find a starting point that I could work from.  I decided I wanted to break the utterances down further into mostly syllables, or rather "phonemes" since we're spoken not written.

I did that and got some great sounds out of the voices, but after that I got jammed.  There were plenty of nice "melody" bits, and plenty of lovely percussive sounds, it was just that however I put the latter together it came out like somebody playing with a drum machine and failing to grasp the hotel room trashing aspect of rock and roll.

And so things stood for a few days...

And then I remembered my clarinet lessons.  A lot of clarinet music is "swing" (which means splitting each beat into 2/3 and 1/3 instead of two equal parts) and a lot of clarinet studies use cool time signatures...

So I tried 5/4 (swing) and behold...  the whole thing started to work...


Bo Meson - Solo human voice

Rosemary Badcoe - First percussive and "Daa"

Angela van Son - Second percussive, "Hey!" and freaky laughter

Milo van Eerd - Special effects

Shouted interruption appears by kind permission of Mark Hurdiss.

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